Frequently Asked Questions
What you'd like to know when you book an

Is works done on the spot or is site assessment  only
to quote?
We prefer works is carried out on the spot  ,but
Subject to our schedule .If necessary fittings  needs
to be purchased , our handyman might have to return
another time/day to carry out the works.Ps check
with us to avoid inconveniences.

What about Payment,Can I request for an Invoice?
Payment by Cash payable at your place once works is
Completed Only.No post-services payments is
allowed.If several items/ works cannot be completed
on same day, partial payments is required for
items/works already completed in part.
A Receipt will be handed you upon payment of works
at site , or ps request a receipt from our handyman.
Appointments time:

Appointment is within a three-four hours expected
As there might be unexpected delays due to works ,
road congestion or scheduling difficulties ,we can
only submit to you  an expected time within a 3-4
hours duration where our handyman is expected to
reach your place.For example,it could be a time
window like 12-4pm or 9am-1 pm  .

Kindly keep to your booked time/date to avoid
inconveniences to the rest of our clients on our pre
planned schedule.In order not to affect others in our
schedule,We reserve the right to cancel an
appointment if you make changes or you should be
late  for the appointment duration .

Whilst every effort is made to ensure promptness in
our appointments, we seek your understanding and
patience in situations where our handyman might be
delayed by an unexpected condition.Even in these,No
liabilities on us by our clients shall be held .
Do You know?
1.For  price ranges or estimates, kindly refer to our Common Prices  .

2.Price per trip starts from $50, subject to site determination.

3.For us to immediately schedule a repair appointment, kindly request  a site assessment to determine repair and its costs.
A Site Assessment is  necessary to confirm prices of your works as inspection of the works by our technician is needed to ascertain the problem needing our repair.
A Site assessment ,is payable at $10 , but we'd be happy to  waive it  if works is carried out .In case no works is needed after our inspection and quotation, we'd appreciate  a $10 for
our time to visit and petrol.

4.Our price estimation is always subject to actual determination at site only. We are not liable fo
r inaccuracies for prices estimation .

For Booking,ps submit our online form.
Alternatively if you prefer to speak with us,you may call us to make a booking at
6 546 0454 ,6 542 3605 , you 'd be requested to submit your full address to our mobile no 91121137 so that we can check our availability and revert, subject to our schedule.

Quick and less fuss! Book by Sms /Whatsapp .
Simply send a text of  your works with your full address to 91121137 if you are inquring for a service for today or tomorrow .We will check and advise our next availability , subject to
our schedule .Its quick and fuss free!

For Today's Booking:
Only Today or Tomorrow's bookings might be confirmed.
Availability is subjected to our daily schedule, we could only check and advise availability  when you confirm full address .

Advanced Booking :
We are not able to  confirm immediately for Advanced or Saturdays' Booking , we can only check 1-2 days nearer to date and revert,subject to schedule and availability.

Days of Services:
kindly try to book  a weekday at 9am- 5 pm  to avoid rush on Saturdays.
No services is available on Sundays ,Public Holidays &  Any Days after 5 pm.

Booking of Appointment time,subject to our schedule :
When you book with full address, an available time will be informed you. Confirmation is subject to our schedule ,upon your reply, based on first-come , first serve.

Booking of Service :
Booking should be directly from home resident only.

Handyman fixing Carpentry & Door Repair,  Plumbing and Electrical and Lighting problems as well as light and simple fixing works .


How much does my repair works cost?
We can Only determine during a site assessment when our handyman has seen the problem .

Can you give me an estimate of how much my works  would cost  before I book an appointment ?
We prefer our handyman to be able to assess and quote you on site during the assessment at your home.

How much is the assessment?
The assessment is at $10 non refundable, but waived if works carried out on site .

Can I send you a photo so that you can quote for my work/repair before you come?
A photo can enable us to understand the works before we come , but its to be quoted on site by our handyman .Any estimation of prices is
still subjected to an on-site assessment .

What if I do not decide to proceed with works during the assessment?
You can just pay a $10 for the visit.There is No further  Obligations.

Is works carried out immediately  on site  once its assessed ?
Works on the spot is subjected to our handyman's assessment first.

When can your handyman come when I book an appointment?
We 'll check our next availability when you confirm your booking with your complete address.

Can I specify my timing for the appointment ?
We plan according to our available schedule only, we will inform you if your specified timing might coincide with ours.

Can your handyman come in the evening ?
Services end by 5 pm, Mondays to Saturdays.

Can your handyman come on Saturday ?
Services for Saturdays are subjected to availability , we will inform you nearer date if available.

Can your handyman come on Sunday and Public Holiday ?
There are No services on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Can I book an appointment  in advance for next week or next month ?
Advanced bookings are not confirmed right away. We can advise you nearer date subject to availability.

Do you issue Invoice and we will send the payment by cheque to you ?
C.O.D. Payments by Cash or Cheques are payable at site once upon works completion. A receipt will be given for payment.An invoice can be
issued for COD payment. Payment or Cheques by mail after works is not accepted.

Do you accept payment by credit card or bank transfer ?
We are not able to accept payment by credit cards or bank transfer.

Do I need to purchase the fittings that is required for the repair ?
If you can, you can have the light bulbs , tap or fittings that you can purchase ready .Or our handyman can purchase for you .

Does your handyman comes with the parts necessary for the repair ?
Handyman might have the parts you need , or he might need to purchase it after the assessment.

I am afraid of being Overcharged ,as like in other encounters I have with other contractors I have tried earlier .Is there gimmicks I am not
aware ?
We have set up our $10 visitation fee because we do not want you to feel obligated .You are free to consider our quotation on site and
decide .There is no Gimmick . It is exactly like we say..A  $ 10 fee for visitation  and next  we will submit our quotation for your
consideration. No hurry for your decision.

If your handyman cannot repair my problem or undertake my works, do you still charge me for the visit charge?
Irregardless works was possible or not, the visit is $10 non refundable.

Is your handyman able to handle my repair problem ?
Our scopes of works is minor repair . Determination at site as to whether the problem is repairable.
We are
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and No Less.